Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Study permit- is an official document, issued by a Canadian Government to prospective and current international students, which allows them to stay legally in Canada with aim to study in Canadian Designated Learning Institutions/School/Colleges/Universities.

Study permit basically will be granted for those students, who are already got letter of acceptance from Canadian school and enrolled to a full time program.

It is interesting to know, that for programs, which have duration less than 6 month, international students may obtain only Canadian Visa in order to come and study in Canada. However, if the program will be more than 6 month, student must obtain study permit in order legally study in Canada and graduate from Canadian school.

It is not a secret, that sometimes students need to study English first before the main academic program in College or University. In that case, if student will get 2 letter of acceptance: one from English school and another from College, most probably he will get study permit for the 1st study option and after graduation from one school, he needs to extend his study permit for another College.

However, if the English courses will be on a basis of future college or in same campus/University, there is a huge chance that study permit will be granted for the whole duration of study in Canada, including English preparation and main academic program.

Speaking about study permit expiration and extension, basically study permit will be granted for the whole program of international student with additional 3 month after graduation from school. Indeed, Canadian government helps student to decide whether they would like to stay in Canada after study, get post-graduation work permit and etc. or they would like to come back to their home country, that is why it provides additional 3 month in order figure out with their legal status in Canada.

Basic Application package for Study Permit (Outside of Canada):

  • Study permit application embassy form

  • Temporary Resident Visa embassy form

  • Digital Photo

  • Letter of Acceptance from Canadian Schoo

  • lDeposit Receipt from school

  • Letter of explanation

  • Financial Documents

  • Co-op letter, if applicable

  • Embassy fees 

  • Copy of passport with all visas for last 5 years and valid for at least next 6 month

  • Custodian letter, if student under 17 years old

  • Family information embassy form

  • Marriage license, if applicable

  • Ielts/Toefl test result (optional)

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