Federal Skilled Workers

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program is a point based immigration system which gives permanent residency to Canada. The Federal Skilled Worker visa enables skilled workers to migrate to Canada to work study and live in Canada on a permanent residency basis and eventually apply for Canadian Citizenship (Canadian Passport). The FSW allows a person to live work and study in Canada. PR via FSW also allows migrants to access social security benefits as well as Healthcare benefits and subsidized education. This Permit is specifically intended for skilled workers to contribute to Canadian economy and fill the skill shortage. As the Federal Skilled Visa is assessed through a shortage occupation list you also have a better chance to acquire a job in Canada fairly quickly. The biggest benefit for a Canadian Skilled worker is that you will not require a sponsor to offer you a job instead you will be granted with an independent work permit considering you hit the required points threshold in the point based system.

Federal Trades Class

The Federal Skilled Trade Worker Program (FSTP) is specially designed for trade workers who are highly required in Canada due to the shortage of those skills within Canadian job market. This program enables the trade workers to work freely without any sponsorship and freely change their employers as and when they want to. This program allows the person to work and live in Canada along with their family for 4 years on permanent residency and then qualify for a Canadian Citizenship (Canadian Passport). This program also allows a person to then sponsor their family members or help them in applying for their permanent residency applications. The main benefit of this program is that the migrant will have access to various social security benefits as well as subsidized healthcare and education for kids. This program takes only 6-9 months to process and also does not require an immigrant to have a sponsor to apply for it.


This is a type of Permanent Residency applications that the Government of Canada is accepting until December 2014. To qualify for this category, an applicant should fulfill the following conditions:


A. Have an experience for 2 years full time or equivalent part time with in last 5 years in one of the following occupations:


  • Industrial, electrical and construction trades;

  • Maintenance and equipment operation trades;

  • Supervisors and technical occupations in national resources, agriculture and related production;

  • Processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators;

  • Chefs and cooks;

  • Butchers and bakers


B. Have an offer of employment with an LMIA from a maximum of 2 employers in Canada or have a Certificate of Qualification from a provincial or territorial body in Canada in one of the above skilled trades


C. Prove your basic language efficiency from a designated testing organization like an IELTS

Canadian Graduate Program

If you have completed your education in Canada, there is a high chance that you would qualify to apply for a permanent residency under the Canadian Graduate Program. This program is especially for students who have completed their Masteral program or PhD from a publicly funded university in Ontario. In order to apply for the permanent residency under this program an application should:


  • Be interested in living and working in Ontario

  • Has graduated from an existing Master’s program from a publicly funded university in Ontario or has completed at least 1 academic year of the master’s degree

  • Apply within 2 years of when the Master’s degree was granted

  • Should be legally residing in Ontario

  • Should be able to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in English or French

  • Should be able to show a minimum level of income or savings


The recipients of this nomination can then apply for the permanent residency with the CIC and can fast track their dream to live and work in Canada. Ontario is accepting only 2,500 applications in 2014.

Family Sponsorship

These applications are for the people who are sponsored to come to Canada by a relative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Citizens and Permanent residents of Canada can sponsor their Spouse, common-law partner or children. The sponsor needs to be at least the age of 18 and should be able to demonstrate the willingness to take care of the person who is being sponsored including the economic well-being. The sponsor needs to convince the CIC that he and his family intend to move to Canada permanently after this application being granted. The following relatives can be sponsored under this category:


  • Spouse or common law partner

  • Children

  • Brothers and sisters

  • Nephew or Nieces

  • Grandchildren


To be eligible to be sponsored, the spouse or the common-law partner should be able to prove their relationship to be genuine. Proof of genuine relationship can be demonstrated by providing marriage certificate, proof of communications, joint lease bills, bank accounts, photos etc. Dependent children can only be sponsored and they need to be under the age of 22. Children under the age of 22 but married or in a common law relationship cannot be sponsored. A Canadian citizen or permanent resident also has the ability to sponsor other relatives like orphaned niece, nephew, grandchild, brother and sister. However, the relative must be under the age of 18 and the sponsor should take an undertaking to take care of the sponsored which include his social and economic well-being.


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